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MEDLEY: A Collage Exhibit

This group exhibition will be our first official exhibit of the year in our new space!  Bringing together local artists as well as nationally and internationally all under one roof.

Confirmed Artists (please check them out!):

J.P. King

Jessica Bell

Emily Haasch

Oleg Borodin

Peter Kepha

Josh Slater

Matt Shaw

Justin Angelos

Chad Kouri

Ashlie Chavez

Arn Gyssels

More TBA - Stay tuned.

There is a lot of art going on in Pilsen, but it just became even more bustling with the Chicago Urban Art Society (CUAS) digging in its young roots in this lower west side community.

Carrie McGath, Chicago Art Magazine

Chicago Urban Art Society Pilsen Artist Picks

Pop-Up Art Loop + CUAS: Exhibitions Extended + on Display!

Gallery Hours: Wed - Sat : 11:30-5PM

Location: 208 S. Wabash St. and 202 South State Street

"Wood Worked" Opening Reception Video

View Pictures Here

Many artists in Chicago work with wood as a key part of their practice, yet there have been comparatively few exhibitions that have surveyed the medium. That changes with the Chicago Urban Art Society’s Wood Worked, which gathers together sculpture from artists working in wood. Steve Reber has work in this exhibition and at the Cultural Center; Michael Rea is included, having just finished with his exhibition at the Elmhurst Art Museum, as is Juan Angel Chavez, whose large, wooden speaker-like structure greeted visitors to Art Chicago this year. With these and other artists very actively exhibiting, it will be interesting to see their work in dialogue together.

Abraham Ritchie, Flavorpill

View Pictures Here

1 Review + 1 Preview in today’s TimeOut!


Slow and Low: A Lowrider Celebration of Art + Culture + Community

Get up to speed on Chicago’s car culture. Three exhibiting car owners discuss their prized whips. By D.L. Hopkins


"Collections" shows what inspires the Post Family By Laura Pearson

[ARTE] Q&A: Chicago Urban Art Society

by Adriana Diaz

As third-generation, Mexican-American Chicagoans, Peter and Lauren’s roots and life experiences are very present in their explanations of their influences and decisions in paving their path. Peter, formally trained at the American Academy of Art, first came into his own in graffiti art. Lauren, a University of Illinois-Chicago graduate, has a background in social work. Remezcla sat down with the Brighton Park sibs and talked art and community, as their not-for-profit celebrates its first anniversary this June.

Read Entire Article Here.

[EXHIBIT ANNOUNCEMENT] Tale of 2 Cities: Chicago + Detroit

Six filmmakers from Chicago and six from Detroit’s films are presented in video installations. Their short and feature length documentaries, experimental films, and social exposes stand as communication about social and cultural relevance. The show moderates this cross city conversation.

[CUAS-in-the-News] Off the Block

WBEZ and the Chicago Urban Art Society celebrate hip hop arts

By Kelsey Gee January 12, 2011

When considering the innumerable gems to be found on the airwaves of WBEZ 91.5, Chicago’s public radio station, hip-hop culture does not immediately jump to mind. But on Saturday, January 15th, the station better known for “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” will host the third annual Winter Block Party for Chicago’s Hip-Hop Arts as part of its “Off-Air Events” series. Read More Here.

Last-Minute Plans: Chicago Urban Art Society’s “The Daley Show” Closing Reception

When the Chicago Urban Art Society were in the process of curating opened their current exhibition “The Daley Show” in September, it was under the assumption that His Elective Majesty would run again, and the exhibit would be a look at the ruling dynasty that’s informed Chicago to its foundation for nearly half a century.  Read Here

[CUAS-in-the-News] Assessing a Legacy by Abraham Ritchie

January 3, 2011

As noted in a recent ABC News report, there has been a Mayor Daley for 42 of the past 55 years.  Whether it was Richard J. Daley (Mayor of Chicago, 1955-1976) or Richard M. Daley (Mayor of Chicago, 1989-present), Chicago has long been dominated by the Daley dynasty.  So it took the city by surprise when last September the Mayor called a press conference to announce that he would not be seeking a seventh term. The announcement also came as a surprise to the curators from Johalla Projects and the Chicago Urban Art Society, the organizers of “The Daley Show,” who had been preparing the exhibition under the assumption that the Mayor would be running again.  Read More Here.

Today’s Tribune!
Read online here

Today’s Tribune!

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[Chicago Tribune] Mayor Gets His Due in “The Daley Show”

12:03 p.m. CST, December 30, 2010

Back in September, when the end of the Daley mayoral legacy was announced (to the shock of many), Chicago Urban Art Society already had a related group show in the works. Planned around the presumption that Daley would seek another term in 2011, local artist and sometimes curator Laurie Apple envisioned a politically themed show that, in some ways, piggybacked on the success of the “50 Aldermen, 50 Artists” exhibit she co-curated last spring. Read More Here.